Bobby Flay Meeting

We had a great Bobby Flay’s Boy Gets Grill meeting this last weekend.  Expecting a smaller turn out than usual, we had the opportunity to actually plan a meal and all cook together- which was a new delicious twist.

One of the components I love about cookbooks is when they include complete menus.  I find that I don’t have to think quite so hard about what to serve because it’s all right there for you- and often suggests items together that I would normally not do.  Sunday, we tackled the Italian-American Firehouse Dinner.

KT brought all of the fixings for the Fresh Buffalo Mozzarella with red and yellow tomatoes and basil vinaigrette.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe all commented that we don’t know why we don’t eat like that more- just simple and delicious.  Of course this dish is only fantastic in the summer…

Joye was responsible for the Grilled Pizza with Grilled Sausage, peppers, onions, and oregano Ricotta.  She started with Pizza Dough from Trader Joes which I will say was much easier than the fiasco I had when trying to make this dish.


It also gets grilled peppers onions and sausages….

IMG_3913 - Version 2


Fontina, items off the grill, and some oregano ricotta and you have this delicious treat…


Joye picked fresh basil that morning to put on top- which of course we forgot in our enthusiasm to consume- but you can imagine.

Now… the pizza was the SIDE DISH.  That’s what I mean by pairing this I wouldn’t normally pair.  On to the main…

Porterhouse Steaks with Fra Diavolo Barbecue Sauce and Cherry Pepper Salad

I did the “salad” and the BBQ.  Both were done in the morning- which is nice for later- but that means I don’t have many pictures.


Here is the salad- which is why I had it in quotes.  More Dressing than tomato but it goes on top of the steaks and is perfect.  You might also notice the extra BBQ sauce in the background for passing at the table.

Carol brought the Porterhouse Steaks- which were gorgeous.  They got brushed with the BBQ sauce.



After the rested, the steaks were sliced thin… and served with pizza.   Awesome.


To cap it all off, Ashley brought the fixings for Grilled Peaches with Creme Fraiche and Molasses.


The peaches took much longer on the grill than the directions- but we got there eventually.  Who could complain when you end a meal like this….


This was a fun way to have a small meeting.

Overall thoughts-

-none of us were comfortable on the grill.  None of us ARE comfortable on the grill.  At least we gave it a go and it isn’t quite so intimidating.

-We like photos.  No, they shouldn’t be the reason to buy a cookbook or not, but they do make us want to eat the food in there.  More pictures please.

– Appreciate that we didn’t have to turn pages to finish a recipe- thoughtful layout.

– Many recipes have lots of ingredients- but not hard to find- just a lot.

Fall is here!  New book…coming soon!

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