Summer Pasta Salad with Tomato, Fresh Mozzarella, Corn and Basil

(posted by Ashley H.)

This is the perfect salad (pg.156) to bring to a party. Or, if you make it and miss the party like I did, you will have endless amounts of pasta salad to consume. Thank goodness it’s yummy. I will say though, like Kelli mentioned in her last salad blog. . .something was missing from this salad. . .and I’m pretty sure it was salt. I’m not sure if some mozzarella cheeses are saltier than others, I’m guessing mine wasn’t a very salty version. I passed along some of this salad to my mom and she said she ended up adding some kalamata olives. She apparently thought it needed a little extra salt, too.

In your bowl goes some fresh tomatoes.

While your pasta is cooking, get your corn kernels (from 3 ears of fresh corn) ready.

Add together the tomatoes, corn, fresh mozzarella, and zest from one lemon.

Your dressing is a simple combo of: lemon juice, red wine vinegar, minced garlic, olive oil, and salt. Once your pasta has cooled, throw it in your bowl with the veggies and cheese, add your dressing and combine. Last, but not least, your ribboned basil leaves get gently stirred in.

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