Pecan-Walnut Bars

From Ad Hoc at Home

We have been out of town so much I haven’t had the occasion to cook anything in a long time.  A weekday picnic potluck provides such opportunity.

This has a delicious crust and a pecan pie type of a filling.


Now, in typical Kelli fashion, I overflowed the pan so this sugary, caramel mess got under my crust and I was pretty sure I would never get these bars out of the pan.


Once it comes out of the oven it goes into the freezer until ready to cut and serve.



I was dead wrong about it not coming out of the pan.  If it came off the bottom of my oven so easily I would be in good shape.



These were really good and I’ll be making them again- but as a note, this is pictured as one serving.  The recipe says that it makes eight large bars.  No doubt they are large.  I think it makes 32 bars.

I didn’t try it with ice cream… but I want to.



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