Chilled Asparagus with Vinaigrette and Eggs Mimosa

Asperges en Vinaigrette et Oeufs Mimosa

What did I say about always looking for new ways to serve asparagus?  Always on the hunt.

This dish starts with cooking the asparagus in water and plunging into an ice bath- nothing new.  What is new, is he has you bundle the asparagus before you cook it- like this:

There is no explanation as to why- and I saw no benefit.  Can someone tell me why?  If not- I won’t do that again.

Once you trim the asparagus so they are all the same length, you blend the extra ends to make a coulis (not pictured)

The other weird part of this recipe is it calls for ten hard boiled egg yolks.

Now, I like hard boiled eggs at much as the next person, but that could have easily been cut in half.  The yolks are finely chopped or grated.

The plate is finished with Coulis on the bottom, Asparagus on top.  Sprinkled with the egg and some sliced radish with a house vinaigrette.

It does make for an impressive starter.  Very pretty plate.

A bonus is that everything can be prepared in advance without much fuss.  Plating is a snap.

And the angels beam in delight.

This is from Bouchon.

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