Thomas Keller Oreo.

I had the pleasure of visiting the Bouchon Bakery when we were in california wine country.  I’m pretty sure I gained about five pounds in one day, because I distinctly remember sampling (by sampling I mean eating) a chocolate croissant, some other flaky pastry, the nutter butter cookie and the TKO.  I made the Nutter Butter last summer, but thought I really owed it to Mason to try my hand at the Oreo.

Filling first:

Chop up some white chocolate.  

melt with some cream.

Remove from heat and cool for at least six hours so it sets up.  (no instant gratification here)

That gives you lots of time to make the chocolate cookie part.

Flour, Sugar, Soda, Cocoa, salt.

slowly add butter

It will look like this before you roll it.  Mason was not helping me with this project, but I can only imagine what comments he would have on the appearance of this dough.

So roll it between some plastic wrap and cut into your desired shape.  It’s supposed to be about a two inch circle with a scalloped edge.  I didn’t have that cutter.  I opted for plain round ones and some mini butterflies just for fun.

Bake and allow to cool on racks.

When they are cooled, turn half of the discs upside down and pipe some of the white chocolate cream mixture into the center.

Sandwich with the remaining tops and voila!  You have an Oreo.

OK, I don’t think it is supposed to seep out like this, but none the less it looks delicious!

Shoot.  May be too much cream and not enough white chocolate?  I think the center was supposed to have set up a bit more.  And this photo is sort of blurry…

My toughest food critic didn’t seem to mind.



I know, I’m such a mom, but I really can’t get enough of these pictures of the pure joy that comes from a good cookie.


These were fun to make.  I’ll probably do it again.

Again, recipe can be found here.

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