Asparagus Coins

This time of year, I feel like I am eating asparagus with every meal.  I love it.  AND I get in a bit of a rut cooking it the same way, so the Keller Asparagus Coins recipe in Ad Hoc at Home caught my eye as a relatively easy new way to showcase one of my favorite vegetables.

In the book, they have you slice on a mandoline.  I had a hard time with that.  May be because I didn’t get “pencil thin” asparagus.  (Where do you find that?)

So I cut the coins with a knife- they are not as uniform as I’m sure Thomas would like, but for a family dinner I think it’s fine.

Heat up some chive oil (which I had frozen from the green beans)

Toss in the reserved asparagus tips and cook for a couple of minutes.

Add the coins and cook until just the edges are done.

Add some parsley water (a bit of parsley, water, and honey whirled and strained)

Cook for another 2 minutes and add a touch more parsley water and plate.

Pretty tasty.  I like the way that it looks on the plate- not so gangly as asparagus usually looks.  Plus it is just different.

Mine tasted a little too parsley like for my taste.  Might due with less parsley water next time.  I think that this would have also been excellent with the garlic oil that comes out of the garlic confit.

Will definitely make some version of this again.

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