Simple Roast Chicken… again

Thomas Keller Simple Roast Chicken.

We saw it here, and here, and now on this post.  For anyone who reads this, if you have not yet tried this recipe… you need to.  It is easy as pie, delicious, and the left overs can be used in countless ways.

I must admit that other than the finishing basting, and turing off all the smoke alarms every time we opened the oven, I had nothing to do with this.  But since I took pictures, I’m going to take 3% credit.

Kathy was coming over to cook.  We were making lots of different things:  check out our recipe station:

You will notice, three cookbooks, one computer, lack of counter space (we had to start using Mason’s kitchen to help us)

Kathy brought over this beautiful bird:


Chicken and the Sea


Pop in the oven for about 50 minutes.  No muss, no fuss, three smoke alarms later…



Beautiful.  A bit of thyme sprinkled on top and some pan juice basting (that’s all I did) and it’s ready to be carved.

Kathy watched a handy youtube video on how to carve a chicken.  She says she needs practice.  I say I’m willing to help her practice whenever she wants to feed me.


The chicken then gets a bit of butter on it (of course it does) and then is popped on the platter for everyone to devour.


He suggests serving with dijon mustard.  I enjoyed it just as it was.

Make it.  You won’t regret it.  Better yet- find a friend to make it for you and offer to turn off the smoke alarms.

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  1. fefethompson says:

    Thanks to Kelli for allowing me to use her kitchen! 🙂

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