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Parmigiano-Reggiano Crisps with Goat Cheese Mousse

Bake some cheese in a circle until it melts. Mold it into the shape of a cup so you can put more cheese in it. Brilliant.  I mean honestly, why is this not a shape at our house?  The thought … Continue reading

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Red Potato and Green Bean Salad

All of you looking for a great side dish for the summer… look no further. This salad has it all- your greens, your veggie, your potato… It can be prepared ahead of time, AND it is delicious. This is out … Continue reading

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Garlic Confit

MMM…. Garlic Confit.  So many wondrous things to do with this wonderful substance. As Kathy pointed out– Thomas Keller- Lots of steps.  For Mothers Day my Mom wanted to try a bean and potato salad.  This would be dressed with … Continue reading

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Chicken Pot Pie

Amy brought individual chicken pot pies to Grandma’s Kitchen day.  They were delicious and beautiful.   yum.  Look at these innards. From Amy: This recipe is I mostly from Martha Stewart courtesy of Chef John Delucie but I have changed … Continue reading

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Ad Hoc at Home- Wedge Salad

From Kathy- So my first attempt at Thomas Keller’s recipes was a FAIL. 🙂 I tried making garlic aioli, and boy did I learn a lesson….olive oil and canola oil do not emulsify together. Rookie mistake. My next attempt I … Continue reading

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Traditional Rice and Chicken

I’m slowly getting caught up with recipes from Grandma’s Kitchen.  I have two more dishes to share. Randie brought Traditional Rice and Chicken or the more exotic sounding, “Risso alla Pitocca.”  This is from Lidia’s Italy. Once again, the photo … Continue reading

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Happy Mothers’ Day

From Ashley: I am very spoiled. I have a mother who likes to cook good food and who recognizes the importance of using quality ingredients and good kitchen tools when cooking. My mom also enjoys collecting cookbooks. I am spoiled … Continue reading

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Grilled Cheesus

Whenever I take a bite of a perfect grilled cheese sandwich, I feel like I’m in heaven.  Then I chuckle because I think of Finn on Glee when he thought he saw Jesus’s face burned into his grilled cheese.  Hence … Continue reading

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Rhubarb Upside Down Cake

Easily one of the most talked about dishes of the Grandma’s Kitchen afternoon was Meredith’s Grandmother’s Rhubarb Upside Down Cake. No one could believe this recipe, and the flavor was amazing.  May be it was the Rhubarb straight out of … Continue reading

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I’m a bit behind in postings.  This we actually made at the same time as the Corn on the cob with lime salt.    Another great summer time dish that seems to go with everything is Coleslaw. I’ve tried a ton … Continue reading

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