I’m a bit behind in postings.  This we actually made at the same time as the Corn on the cob with lime salt.    Another great summer time dish that seems to go with everything is Coleslaw.

I’ve tried a ton of different coleslaw recipes over the years.  This one from Ad Hoc at Home uses familiar ingredients in the dressing but with a primarily sour cream base instead of mayo.  mmm… Nice twist.

Unless this is what you find in your fridge when you go to look for sour cream- and you wonder… really?  Come on people.

After a quick trip to the store- whip up your dressing… mayo, sour cream, celery salt, champagne vinegar, dry mustard, sugar, salt and pepper…


Chop up your dueling cabbage.


I also peeled a little carrot into there.  When it’s time to eat add your dressing.  Because of the red cabbage you don’t want to do it too soon or your whole dish will turn pink.

Top it off with a little squeezed lemon.  Note I had a cut on my finger, and this process was pure agony.

Mix, and you’re done!  Of course at this point I was starving and could not be bothered to wait for the rest of our meal to be finished so I chowed down on a plate that looked like this:


If I had any will power, my plate would have looked more like this:

I always think that I prefer winter foods… but there is something about breaking out the summer dishes for the first time that makes me wonder if that is really true.

All in all- great coleslaw.  Next time I might add red peppers.

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