Traditional Rice and Chicken

I’m slowly getting caught up with recipes from Grandma’s Kitchen.  I have two more dishes to share.

Randie brought Traditional Rice and Chicken or the more exotic sounding, “Risso alla Pitocca.”  This is from Lidia’s Italy.

Once again, the photo doesn’t do it justice.  As we were eating this a few of us were sitting around trying to figure out what bad things were in this dish.  How many cans of cream of chicken soup is in here?  How much fatty fat?

Answer- no cans of cream of anything!  Not much fatty fat.  Who would have guessed?  It definitely tasted like it would be bad for me.  Not the case.  Randie also commented that her grandsons like this dish.  Always looking for tasty items that are also kid friendly.



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1 Response to Traditional Rice and Chicken

  1. dryning8 says:

    Seriously, this dish is rock star. Loved Ashley’s comment yesterday! And the grilled cheese sandwich, my word.

    Kell, when is the bloody mary cook-off?

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