Grandma’s Kitchen

-Posted by Carol

Grandma’s Kitchen is the current theme of Seattle Cooking Club.  This presents a real challenge.  My grandmother cooked on a wood burning stove.   She butchered a chicken in the morning  and cooked it that evening.  This will not work for me since I don’t even have an ax let alone a chicken.

I have seen my own mother butcher a few chickens but  for the most part she was a cook of convenience.  Frozen fish sticks were a real treat.  Sauces started with a can of soup and salads consisted of jello and fruit cocktail.


In order to come up with a recipe I scoured cookbooks and internet sites for Grandma’s recipes.   I think this one is going to be delicious.  It is a cornbread recipe that calls for two lbs of bacon, green chilies, cheese and corn.  I actually picked the corn myself and it is in the freezer waiting for the perfect recipe and I am hoping this is it.




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