Further Evidence

I already posted about my apprehension on cooking my Grandmas’ recipes here.

My Mom unearthed the recipe boxes inherited from my Grandparents.

They almost scream of the promise of processed deliciousness.

If you’re not sure this is the same Tomato Aspic that was served at lunch last week- don’t worry, there were four versions with minor variations of canned meats.

Here is another goodie.  Please be careful to read the top line for optimal enjoyment.

I liked the name of this one:

But the recipe looks oddly like it might be the same thing as this:

I’m not sure which has the more snappy title.

Please note, these were just four out of numerous recipes I would love to share.  Yes- three boxes full.  It seemed like there was a general rule.  If it was dessert- it might be OK.  If it was savory, watch out.  One did show promise labeled, “very good Chi-Chi”  May be I’ll bring that to our next meeting.

All joking aside though, if this is our past- is it worth passing down?  Or is it better to do away with traditions that include cream of chicken soup or undrained mushrooms?  Do we relish our memories enough to subject our children to these delicacies?  Or do we forge ahead and hope we can create new comfort foods.

I can tell you one thing for certain.  I might not be cooking what was passed down to me, but I’m holding onto these at least for a hearty chuckle from time to time… and incase I ever need a good recipe for Tomato Aspic.

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