Chicken Pot Pie

OK- these aren’t really chicken pot pies.  I had made a Turkey for Amy’s birthday and had a ton of leftovers- seems like the perfect time for some Turkey Pot Pie!

I don’t have much to say about this- other than this is my new favorite pot pie recipe.  The crust is especially flaky and delicious.  It’s made with Swiss Chard which makes me feel like I’m eating something nutritious… even if it makes it look a little green.  It also shows how sloppy I am at pouring these in the bowls.


Mason was sure he wasn’t going to like it.  Of course.  But even he enjoy a few bites before declaring it was too spicy.  (which makes no sense)


I made eight of these little guys and put most in the freezer for a delicious dinner in a pinch.


Do yourself a favor and make this today.  (I am… again)

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