Orzo Salad

I made the orzo salad the other night.

Like children, I like being tricked into eating vegetables.  Steamed broccoli, parmesan, pine nuts, and olive oil get whizzed in the food processor to make a pesto-like paste. IMG_4403


It gets tossed with steamed broccoli, lemon zest, creme fraiche and orzo.  It was supposed to have avocado, but in my enthusiasm to eat I forgot to put it in…IMG_4405


It was really tasty!  I will admit it didn’t look particularly attractive on the plate.  It coated everything in a weird green hue.  May be would be more attractive with some roasted red peppers?

I would probably make again.  It had a nice lemony tang.  Easy way to incorporate extra broccoli into a quick meal.  Nothing flashy- but satisfying none the less.

I found the recipe online here.

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