Chicken Tortilla Salad

Last night we tried the Chicken Tortilla Salad.

I had tortilla chips on hand that I was tempted to use in place of making my own strips.


I didn’t think that these little strips with a hint of oil would be as tasty.  I was incorrect.  They were thicker than chips and had a really nice crunch.    I would do that again- especially if I had extra tortillas lying around.


The recipe said 10-12 minutes.  These were 16  minutes before they were adequately crispy.

The dressing came together easily- I just put everything in my immersion blender jar-


It’s pretty thick, but a lovely green.  I may have added too much cilantro- fine on the flavor- but probably accounted for it’s thickness.


This salad is going to look most attractive on the platter served family style.  For my daily purpose, I just heaped everything on our plates.


Still looks tasty… no?

Though I can see why she recommends serving dressing on the side- the salad isn’t as attractive once dressed-


I was tempted to add the chipolte chili to the dressing (one of her variations) but I was worried that the color of the dressing would be ugly- Next time.

AND there WILL be a next time.  This was delicious- and I really liked that it didn’t taste like a “taco salad” It had a great light mexican-esc flavor without slapping you across the face.


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