Pasta a la Vodka

I am WAY behind on posts.

Time to get with the swing of things.

Tried the pasta a la vodka.

a.  Who doesn’t love pasta?

b.  Who doesn’t love vodka?

Seems like the perfect combo.  Plus, the last time Mark and I cleaned out our liquor cabinet we found six open bottles of vodka.  Not sure what that says- either we drink too much- or not enough- why are they all opened?  I digress- back to the dish.

We start with sautéing some onions…



And then we add the good stuff- or what ever you happen to have open in your cupboard.



Some crushed tomatoes….



Get your simmer on…

After a nice simmer, throw it in the blender- it’s hot, so don’t’ explode it everywhere.



Now this is where it gets good- a little cream.



ooh- yeah.



Meanwhile, you’ve been boiling your noodles.  I did them a couple minutes less than package instructions because I knew they would cook a bit more in the sauce.  (cook’s license)  Anyway, throw those into your pot.


Happy little noodles.


at this point, I sort of felt like my noodles were drowning in sauce- so I decided to cook the rest of the package and add them in also- I thought this was much better- but to each his own.

This made it into six servings instead of four.  I like to put it in individual vessels so I don’t get carried away and eat it all at once.  What can I say?  I’m a glutton with no self control.



Sprinkle these babies with some parmesan.



I actually popped this to broil in the oven for a few minutes to get the top sort of crispy like a baked pasta- but I did try it as is- both are delicious.



Final product- YOWZA.  This is good.  Mark couldn’t stop talking about it for two weeks. Now, I will say- it has some heat.  I like things spicy and am always adding red pepper flakes to everything- I did not do so in this case- so if you have a delicate pallet, you may want to cut back on the flakes- I enjoyed as is.



Oh man.  Good stuff- and the best part?





These went in the freezer.  (they are already gone at this point) but we defrosted them overnight in the fridge, and baked them at 350 until hot and bubbly.

I will definitely be making this again.  And YOU can too- recipe right here.

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1 Response to Pasta a la Vodka

  1. Kathy says:

    I tried this same recipe. It was good – but not my fav. Maybe it was over sauced. I’m finding her recipes like the sauce and I’m more of a lightly-dressed kind of girl.

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