1770 House Meatloaf

Amy is coming over for dinner Friday.  This is the way our texts went:

K “What do you want for dinner?”

A “Whatever- just tell me what to bring.”

K “Do you like meatloaf?”

A  “Not really”

K “Me neither”

A “Then why do you ask?”

Screen Shot 2013-03-07 at 7.51.37 AM

Historically, the only meatloaf I begrudgingly like is the one featured above.    (You know your like his sultry lyrics too- don’t judge.)

This in mind, making Meatloaf doesn’t sound like something I would jump on- but my Mom and Bev were both raving about this recipe so I thought may be Ina would change my mind.


Here we go- three kinds of meat (veal, pork, beef) some sautéed  onions, celery, herbs- so far so good- mash this all up with some milk, panko, egg-

IMG_1798This gets shaped- well- into a loaf- I’m not sure why this is on a baking sheet and not in a loaf pan.  I’m also not sure what shape it’s really supposed to be in.  (This is 1/4 of the recipe) I squished it up a bit more before putting it in the oven.


After it was cooked it looked like this- I’m still dubious.  It looks like cheese has leaked out the side- I assume that is just fat.  (not selling you on this yet- am I?)

At any rate- we sliced it up, threw on some mashed potatoes and broccoli- and the garlic sauce-


Looking better?  Not really.   This is not something I would serve to anyone who wasn’t blind folded.



OK Ina, you win.  It was delicious.  The garlic sauce in particular was amazing.  I will make this again (not only because I still have 1/4 recipe uncooked in my freezer)

Again, I will say the serving size is giant.  The book says that it serves 6-8, I think it serves 12 if you are having any sort of side- which you MUST do just to soak up the garlic sauce.

Pure comfort food.  I think this guy would be proud.

Screen Shot 2013-03-07 at 8.18.04 AM

Recipe can be found here.

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