Professor Plum Chicken and Ginger Rice

We are at the beach for a week!  We decided to kick off the week with Professor Plum Chicken and Ginger Rice.  I did most of the prep work at home and threw it in the cooler for an easy (and might I say delicious) first night.

Chicken gets thrown in a marinade.  I used boneless breasts because that’s what we had.


Marinade has lots of ingredients but we had everything on hand aside from a jalapeño.  Not bad.  Plums, OJ, soy, vinegar, garlic, sesame oil, jalapeño, ginger, and mustard get whirled in a food processor.  Easy so far.

Next up- make the salsa.


This has more plums, cilantro, red onion, mint, lime, jalapeño and reserved marinade.  The book called for red plums which I think would have been a more attractive presentation may be- but again, I made this with what we had on hand.


It was still quite tasty.  And there won’t be any left if I keep eating it like this…

I digress- in the car and away we go!

At the beach, 30 minutes before we want to eat- pop some white rice on the stove in chicken stock and the chicken on the bbq.


Leave the chicken with hubby to attend to and sauté some ginger, carrot, garlic, and green onions to mix with the rice.


When the rice is done, mix with the carrots, add some soy, and put it on a plate!

When everything is done, slice up some plums for garnish on the plate (be glad you went to the store and got red ones) and sit down to a wonderful dinner.

Here’s the rice:


And the chicken:


OOPS- I nearly forgot the salsa.  That would have been tragic.


Lovely plate no?

I would definitely make this again.  These sort of recipes remind me that I don’t need a ton of time to make something tasty and well balanced.  Just a bit of organization can go a long way.

From Simply Classic


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