Tomato Confit

Once again, in an effort to be prepared, I’m making some tomato confit.  I have spied a few things that I want to try that call for tomato confit, so I figure I might as well get on the ball and get it ready.

I bought strawberry tomatoes at the market because they said not to bother with the plum tomatoes.  (When I asked how they were, I actually saw a scrunchy nose.  Not a good sign.)

I actually couldn’t believe how quickly the peels fell off after a quick blanch and an ice bath.

Here they are all lovely, peeled and drizzled with oil, topped with thyme, and ready to go in the oven.

These baked at about 250 for around two hours before coming out like this:

Next step, pop one in my mouth, one in the jar.  One in my mouth, one in the jar.  Oops… nearly forgot I actually am going to need these.

These have AMAZING flavor. I would be tempted just to use them on pasta or a lightly toasted piece of bread…  Next time.

I can tell you what I am going to do with the abundance of tomatoes I hope to have in my garden this year…

Fingers Crossed…

This recipe is out of The French Laundry Cookbook.

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