Red Wine Jus

For dinner I made a delicious steak with this Red Wine Jus from the Bouchon Cookbook.

This is one of those sauces that simmers a long time, takes in all flavors of the vegetables and ends up simply fabulous.  Though may be it is the wine- or the veal stock.  Not sure.

First, take this lovely array of vegetables and put them in a pot.

Take a swig from the bottle, and dump the rest of the red wine in the pot.

Get your simmer on which gives you time to find a new bottle of wine for drinking.

After it’s simmered for about an hour, add some veal stock.  I did not make the veal stock because they had it at BB Ranch, so elected to take the easy way out.  Can’t make beef stock and veal stock in the same week.  Too much.

This simmers for a half hour and then is strained.

This, unlike the beef stock, smells fabulous.  It also tastes great.  Mind you, the Steak recipe I have calls for two tablespoons per steak.  I have enough of this Jus to get me through about 25 steaks.  Good thing it freezes well.

You have me over for dinner, I’ll bring the Jus.

Looks like chocolate.  Yum.

Full recipe can be found here.

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