Room for Dessert

From Cooking with Italian Grandmothers, I made these Roasted Apples with Hazelnut, Bitter Chocolate and Lemon Zest.  That counts as a fruit… right?

These were actually quite easy- peel an apple and hollow it out with a melon baller.  Fill with roasted hazelnuts, dark chocolate shavings and a touch of lemon zest and butter-

sort of like nutella on steroids.

Dump some sweet marsala wine on top- because hey- it’s tasty.  Pop the tops on for baking.

bake for about 45 minutes.

ooh yeah….

Looks pretty good right… And I’m sure it would have been delicious like this- but I’m a sucker for fruit and ice-cream, and a scoop of vanilla could not be denied.

I can feel myself getting chubby just writing this post.

Best club ever.

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